Benefits of Vehicle GPS tracking Device

EELINK 2018-05-18

A network of around 30 satellites beams radio signals back to millions of device on the ground. Those devices are known as Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers. They use the satellite signals to determine where they are located on Earth, down to within a few meters.

A GPS tracker works by determining the distance between itself and at least four different satellites. It calculates the amount of time it takes for their signals to reach it and then uses that information to work out its own three-dimensional position.

Real time tracking
When fitted to a motor vehicle, such a GPS tracking device can records the time, data, location, speed of the vehicle per 30 seconds. It reveal where the vehicles go and how long they spend at each location. These data has been transmitted to the server of tracking platform, code and decode the data, finally tracker status, location, other vehicle information is displayed on the tracking platform via PC, APP. It allows to manage the status of the fleet in real time.

Against Theft
GPS technology has been applied in crime prevention. If a stolen vehicle has installed a GPS tracker, the owner of that vehicle can follow its progress in real time and pinpoint its final destination within a few meters. The police can then be notified and the vehicle recovered.

However, with GPS tracking now available on smart phones, some people may choose to track and recover their stolen vehicles themselves. This is not considered a wise action, as car thieves are criminals and can be dangerous if confronted. It is recommend that you could notify the police and let them handle the recovery of your vehicle.


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