GPS Trackers: Adding Valuable Vehicle Upgrades in 2015

EELINK 2018-07-11

GPS trackers are more than just a trend, they are becoming a necessity for many companies. It is “out with the old and in with the new” way of doing business with the arrival of 2015. With every new year business managers are looking to improve on their practices. As per usual, CK Commercial Vehicle Research conducted their yearly research with commercial and government heavy truck drivers. Their survey from 2014 compared changes between the year 2014 and 2013 in order to predict how many vehicles businesses would purchase for the following year.
The statistics gathered from the survey found that most companies plan to purchase less than in the years before. This prognosis was made in light of the industry-wide shortage of qualified drivers. Due to the limited number of drivers, the amount of trucks each company can run will inevitably decrease. While the driver shortage is not a new problem, the results of the limited drivers are changing what business managers want for the future.
Based on past purchasing tendencies, possibly related to the driver shortage, business managers are looking to upgrade their current vehicles rather than buy more. If there are to be new purchases made in 2015, it is said that the majority of them will be for vehicles with adaptive cruise control and other driver comforts. One very important upgrade that could make the managers’ and drivers’ lives a little easier would be the installation of GPS trackers.
The GPS trackers would help business managers so much that they would have more time to focus on other business needs. Since there is a shortage of current drivers, managers want to make certain that the drivers they do have are being safe and driving efficiently. GPS trackers could help with monitoring of driver speed, idle time and give vehicle maintenance reminders. Since business managers would be able to track driver statics they could reward their best drivers on a regular basis. This would increase the morale of current drivers and be a great incentive for future drivers.
With the addition of GPS trackers to vehicles the current vehicles would be even better and with upgrades taking place of new vehicle purchases, this year has the potential to be a very good financial year.


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