GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic

EELINK 2018-07-25

Have you ever considered how Santa manages to deliver each and every gift to every boy and girl before they wake up on Christmas morning? While some suspect Christmas magic is involved, we are stuck on the belief that Santa has been using a GPS tracker long before it was ever available to us.
We would like to think of GPS tracker features as being behind the success of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. For example, turn-by-turn directions to each house. A GPS tracker being installed in the sleigh means that Santa never has to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each child’s home. Even in the event that a child moves to a different house, state, or country than the one Santa has been used to, GPS tracker alerts Santa on the exact directions to the new location. Turn-by-turn instructions mean that Santa never gets lost. This means more time to spare on his journey, which more than likely leads to more milk and cookies back at home with Mrs. Claus.
Weather delays do not cause setbacks for Santa, because his GPS tracker allows Santa free access to the sky he needs to arrive at his destinations. His team at the North Pole can look at their virtual portal and see weather patterns that may hamper his timeliness. Interactive maps allow the elves to see where Santa might have a hard time navigating.
GPS trackers could be being used for the accountability for the elves. While we like to believe that every elf is honest, this is not always the case. GPS tracking is a way to keep tabs on if the elves are where they need to be when they say they are going to be there. This keeps them more productively producing toys needed to meet the demands of the growing population.
The elves also know that their timecards are being recorded properly so they will always get paid on time. If an elf is able to take care of their family effectively, they will hopefully never feel the need to go on strike. If the elves are happy, everyone is happy.


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