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GPS Tracker OEM/ODM service-Eelink

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The profile of Eelink

As a leading GPS tracking devices manufacturer and software servicer, Eelink communication technology limited has continuously updated its R&D technology and we have bulid a powerful team to R&D the best GPS TRACKING DEVICES for customer. 

With 15 years of R&D design experience, we believe that  we have the ability to supply for the best GPS tracking devices product .

Our products are welcomed by more and more customers worldwide. To meet the needs of customers, we design the perfect GPS tracking  terminal products. We also develop our own tracking platform -Keelin. When you enjoy our products services,you can also use our platform and software APP.

We can provide customers with product design and development ODM / OEM one-stop service.

You will no longer worry about product quality problems,we can help you solve that, and you do not need to worry about that no one provide you with technical support.We have perfect pre-sales service, after-sales support.

GPS tracker OEM/ODM

To help our customers better understand our services, I will introduce you to our GPS Tracker OEM/ODM service.


GPS Tracker OEM/ODM service.

How i get GPS Tracker  ODM/OEM sevices


Before you enjoy our GPS TRACKER ODM/OEM service, you need understand simply the process of ODM/OEM.

First, only you tell us your needs about what you want about, we can customize the design of the GPS TRACKER products for you.

Second, we will discuss the possible implementation of the program, after continuous discussion.Finally we will determine the production plan

Third, we will make a reasonable offer based on the difficulty of the program and the quantities of your products.

Fourth: the design and production stage of the product. In the meantime, we will give you feedback and production process.

Fifth, we will promise the product to passed the quality test and finally delivered the sample to you.


Our GPS TRACKER odm/oem process

GPS TRACKER odm/oem process



What do we provide

1. Our design and development team will do our best to help you develop the most suitable GPS tracker products.

We have developed high tech custom products like GPS safety camera, GPS tracking system, vehicle alarm, radar detector etc. No matter if you need our GPS tracker OEM services to modify existing standard device or to design and develop pure idea from scratch, our expert Team delivers best performing products to meet your requirements.

2. The products we designed for you will pass various quality tests.

3. Deliver your GPS TRACKER products on time


What make us outstanding

1.15 years of R&D design experience

2. High-level technical team

3. Self-developed terminal positioning system platform, support APP

4. There is a perfect and strict control product manufacturing line



The filed of GPS tracker ODM/OEM


What indusry can choose us

1.Car rental solutions

2.Fleet management solutions

3.Trucking & logistics solutions

4.School bus management systems

5.Secure transportation solutions

6.Employee management solutions 

7.Operation centric solutions


Develop GPS Trackers and IoT Devices


How do we Develop GPS Trackers and IoT Devices


EELINK Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company certified by government. We have a strict and complete development process.


We Develop GPS Trackers and IoT Devices includes the following steps:

1.PCBA designing

2.Mechanism design

3.Prototype development

4.API interface

5.Mobile app development and more

Through the above, you should know our GPS TRACKER ODM/OEM service. Our customers are from all over the world, USA, Europe, Japan, etc. We believe that you will like our GPS positioning terminal products. 

If you have any questions, we are very happy to help you.

Join Our Network of Resellers and Agents 

If you are interested in reselling the Eelink GPS tracking devices and software sevices, 

We are looking for motivated resellers to join our expanding network of resellers and agents.  

The Eelink GPS tracking devices is the most competitive products in the market.Our customers come from all over the world!

If you’re motivated, have a good base of potential customers and are looking to earn significant financial rewards – we want to speak with you.


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