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Real-time temperature tracking device Beacon BLE BTT01

Eelink 2019-08-27

Recently, Eelink company released the latest real-time temperature tracking device Beacon BLE BTT01, which provides a perfect solution for indoor temperature monitoring and positioning.
Eelink spokesman said:”BTT01 is a very powerful temperature recording device and positioning tracking device, which can meet the current customer demand for temperature monitoring“

What is the real-time temperature tracking device BTT01?

The real-time temperature tracking device Beacon BLE BTT01 uses the latest generation of Bluetooth 5.0 beacon technology, which can be regarded as a powerful temperature data logged devices and real-time positioning tracking recorder with many features and powerful functions.
The real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 is suitable for the customers that they have a high requirements for temperature monitoring. Through equipping with the related software APP, the real-time temperature monitoring devices can achieve many goal,such as analyzing the temperature online and check the cached temperature data.

Features of Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 

The real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 have a reasonable design in size, It is compact and small in size,and the weight only is 27g. Another feature is that BTT01 is very easy to install,because it is wireless,we only need to attch it at the place where you want to put . 
We all know the the complex installation procedure of the device often leads to an increase in labor costs and the Standby time is also a problem for the wired devices.
It is worth mentioning that the real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 have solve this problem above.
When BTT01 worked,it consume the lower energy with bulit-in high-intensity battery, so that it has a long standby time and can last for the life to three to five years. This is the most eye-catching part of the device.


Functions of Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01

1. Equipped with high accuracy temperature sensor
It can collect the accurate temperature information, and the BTT01 has a wide monitored temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.
2.IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating
3.Caching 180 days of temperature data in default mode
4. Compact design and easy to use
5. Long standby performance,life up to 5 years
6. Real-time data conversion, storage and upload
7. Equipped with a standalone software app for this device-Keelin-Beacon supports IOS and Android
8. Support custom functions to meet customer's needs

Parameters of Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 

Waterproof rating: IP67

Case material: PC

Case color: blue
Voltage: 3.0V
Standby current: 5uA-16uA
Peak current: 10mA-45mA
Size: 66.5 (length) x 56 (width) x 6.7 (height) mm
Battery type: Li-MnO2, lithium manganese battery
Battery capacity: 1350mah
Wireless Technology: BLE Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Chipset nRF52840
Transmission distance: up to 500 meters in open space
Broadcast power: 8db
Average current: 25uA
Accessories: 3M glue
Battery capacity: 1350mah
Sampling period: according to customer needs
Temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.5°C (0°C to 65°C) ±1.0°C (-40°C to 125°C)
Working temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Storage temperature: -30 ° C to + 80 ° C
LED / button: blue LED / power on; red LED / power off

Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 application field

The real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 has a wide application field, and its application is mainly divided into two major blocks include temperature monitoring and positioning tracking.
For temperature monitoring
1. Transportation temperature management of drugs
The measurement records the temperature during the production of the drug.
2. Cold chain transportation temperature management
Record temperature data during medical, food storage and cold chain transportation
3. Vegetable supply logistics management
4. Fruit fresh-keeping temperature supply management
6. Food safety
Monitor food temperature in restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets
7. Warehouse temperature management
For positioning tracking
◆ Personnel Positioning: Personnel wear Beacon and work with Bluetooth gateway to achieve position tracking. Real-time and historical tracks can be viewed in the background or on the APP. (Retirement home, prison, detention center, construction site personnel management) - need to cooperate with the scene map
◆ Timed broadcast temperature information: with Bluetooth gateway. Managers can understand temperature changes online in real time, without the need for manual work on site.
◆Indoor positioning (Smart Building): By use Beacon's features to mark specific areas for different locations.
The mobile device can only get its relative distance to Beacon, so when there is only one Beacon device in the room, you can locate the phone on the edge of a circle. If there are two devices, you can position the phone to two circles. On the side, they may have two points coincident, so it is still impossible to pinpoint the location of the phone. In theory, three Beacon devices can be deployed to locate a user's specific location.

The benefits of Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 

Cost advantage: The Bluetooth chip has a mature chip technology. It determines the temperature recorder developed by Bluetooth chip, which has great advantages in cost.
Communication advantages: Unlike other wireless recorders, you need to purchase additional reading and writing devices.BTTO1 uses smart phone reading and writing technology, which greatly facilitates the use of users.
Function advantage: Through the transparent transmission function of Bluetooth, the working parameters can be written into the recorder, and the recorded data can be read through Bluetooth without opening the closed environment, and the ambient temperature changes excessively.
Lower power consumption: Bluetooth recorder has ultra-low power consumption mode to ensure work continuously for more than 3 years with a button battery,which solved the problem of frequent battery replacement or charging of traditional temperature recorder

Real-time temperature tracking device BTT01 is currently in volume production at EElink,and customers can apply for samples

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