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Beacon USB Tool

E2L USB HID for Windows is a tool used to import BEACON data to PC, developed by EELINK.

Connect the device with the computer via USB. Use the E2L USB HID reading tool to obtain the cached data in the device. The tool language changes with the computer system language.
First, Run E2L USB HID setup.exe,Install the reading tool. An icon will be generated on the desktop after the software is installed, 

Open the E2L USB HID data management system and plug the device directly into the USB port of the computer. Click "Connect Device". Select the query period or directly click Query All to import the historical data

The queried data can be viewed in the form of a table/curve to view the historical data of temperature and humidity.
Table page: Present temperature and humidity historical data in the form of a list.
Curve page:  Presents historical temperature and humidity data. 
Alarm page: Covers the light perception, vibration, and tilt alarms during the period.
Marker page: the time stamp covering the period.
Click Export, you can save it locally on your computer in PDF/CSV format.

Current time: the device time when the device parameter is clicked.
Temperature and humidity information: The device's temperature and humidity alarm conditions, Exceed the upper limit or lower limit to trigger the alarm.
In subsequent versions, you can configure the configurable items of the device on this interface

Click to download E2L USB HID


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