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Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has 15 years of experience in technology research and development, and has built a group of high-tech R&D teams. After independent innovation, it has developed its own GPS positioning terminal service platform-Keelin.

The Keelin terminal positioning  platform is independently developed by Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and we have a remote operation platform for users with independent intellectual property rights.
Through Keelin terminal positioning  platform, users can perform positioning tracking, motion track playback, device parameter query and setting, receive and record device abnormal status alarms, etc., You can realize remote positioning monitoring and management of the device by our GPS TRACKER.
Keelin official website: www.eelink.com.cn
Keelin Platform website: www.keelin.com.cn
What is the function of the Keelin platform:
• Real-time positioning: 24h real-time monitoring of device location
• Street View Map: Call Baidu Street View Map,
• Track playback: 3 months track record playback query; each time you can query historical data spanning 7 days. The track details can be downloaded into an xml file and saved locally.
• Sensor history information: Devices with sensors such as temperature/humidity/light perception can query historical data spanning 5 days in 3 months.
• Device information:
1. The device name and SIM card number can be set;
2. If you are using our flow card, the device can also automatically display the information of the phone card. 
3. You can also share the device.
4. Alarm switch settings
• Fence settings: Devices with GPS for electronic fence settings.
• Work mode can be switched:
1. Precision mode: GPS real-time positioning, high power consumption.
2. Intelligent mode: automatically switch before GPS/WIFI/base station according to the current signal condition.
3. Power saving mode: base station / WIFI positioning, more power saving
• Administrator Number: The administrator number will receive an alert message from the device. If it is an SOS alarm, the administrator number will receive a call for help from the device.
• Statistical reports: mileage statistics, alarm statistics, alarm details.
• Expired device reminders
Keelin Remote Monitoring Platform

Keelin Terminal Location Service Platform User Manual - Chinese version

Our products support multiple protocols.As long as your platform supports one of our protocols,it can be possible to use your platform.Welcome your calling for cooperation.
Meanwhile we have a platform especially for agents who do not have their own platform. This can be a personalized platform solution which provide you with both hardware and software.We share this good opportunity to bring plenty of business and convenience for you.


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