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Keelin for iOS

Keelin positioning terminal platform - IOS,it can help you observe the position of your car or device on the Apple phone, get the internal running status of the vehicle in real time, and remotely manage the vehicle engine system through the mobile phone. 
It also provides historical information on the vehicle or device and position track playback. If your vehicles have OBD function, you can view the fault diagnosis information and receive the danger alarm. If the vehicle is missing, you can protect your car by powering off the phone and using the phone lock function.

This application is used with our hardware devices to facilitate the use of user devices and provide one-stop service for users.
1. The user's vehicle location, information and status are displayed on the main interface displayed on the map.
2. You can query the historical information of the user's vehicle last month (up to 5 days) and play the moving track on the map.
3, you can view real-time vehicle GPS and OBD information.
4. When a vehicle emergency occurs, the push alarm message will be received.
5. Send commands remotely to control the vehicle on the relevant system.

What should we pay attention to when registering an account:

1. For the first registration, you need to fill in the IMEI number of the device and the activation code. The device IMEI number and activation code can be found on the body or on the outer box.
2, Chinese interface, you need to fill in the correct mobile phone number, used to receive SMS verification code. English interface, you need to fill in the correct mailbox number to receive the activation email.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password when you log in, you can retrieve the password by using the email account or mobile phone number you registering.
You should sure the email account/mobile number are valid , and you can send and receive emails or send and receive text messages to set the password correctly.
Alarm setting interface
Note: Under the alarm setting, you can set the fence alarm, speed alarm, collision alarm, displacement alarm, drop alarm, low battery report.
Police, power failure alarm, vibration alarm, and other specific alarms.
The supported alarm types are displayed according to the device selection on the current interface.
Turn on the alarm switch. If there is a corresponding alarm setting, please click the setting button first.
The APP message switch is used to set whether to send an alarm to the mobile client. The SMS switch is used to set whether to send an alarm message to the administrator number.
Note: The alarm SMS fee is charged by the device's SIM card corresponding operator.
Operating mode
Different equipments, working mode options are slightly different, generally divided into: GPS open normally, smart mode, GPS on-demand, GPS off

Keelin positioning terminal management platform - Apple client


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