Pets Tracking

Pets GPS tracker is widely used in the field of pet tracking.

A pet GPS tracker is a type of pet wearable device. We will discuss information about the pets GPS tracker. Some features,functions and the principle you need to know.

With the improvement of human living standards, more and more families have pets, and we have gradually begun to pay attention to the safety of pets.

Pets have also become part of our lives. How to prevent pets from being lost and give them adequate supervision has become a concern for many people.

How to real-time monitor our pet to care about their safety?

One of the good solutions is to install tracking device for your pet.

Through the pet GPS tracker real-time tracking function, we can effectively monitor the pet 7/24, and even the pet location information we can know through the mobile phone at any time, so that we do not need to worry about the loss of our pet.even if it is lost, we can quickly finds our pets by device.

How to define the GPS pet tracker

The pet tracker  is a kind of terminal device used to real-time tracking the pet's position information. The special feature is that pet tracker built in the GPS module and the mobile communication module to gain more data.

Then the hardware engineer designs and combines the corresponding software, and finally produces the terminal product that can be directly worn on the pet. Usually, it is relatively small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

The pet GPS tracker is a IOT devices, involving a number of technical applications, such as GPS positioning technology, software development technology.

Principle of pet GPS tracker

How does the pet GPS tracker work? We can think of the device as an information gathering device.

The pet GPS tracker can transmit the location information data obtained by the GPS module to the positioning platform server developed by the company through the 2G/3G/4G network, and then we can retrieve the data on the server through the PC and the mobile APP, and easily query where the pets is.

The positioning method of the pet GPS tracker is GPS positioning and LBS positioning. We can call it dual positioning.

The prerequisite for accurately tracking our pets is that the surrounding GPS signal is good, or the number of base stations is sufficient, not too far from the positioning object.

Function of Pet GPS tracker

(1) Dual positioning function

The positioning function is one of the most basic functions of the pet GPS tracker. Its positioning accuracy can reach up to five meters, which is the ability to accurately position the pet. The advantage of dual positioning is that when a certain positioning does not work, it will automatically switch another. The way to achieve real-time tracking results. The collection and transmission of data will not be interrupted.

(2) View the Historical track of the pet
 Through the computer and mobile app, we can see the whereabouts of the pet in real time, knowing where he has been, which can help us to understand the scope of the pet's action.

(3) Geo-fence alarm

What is that? We can set the pet's pet activity security range on the map. When it goes out of the safe range, your mobile APP will receive an alarm message and take timely action to find out if an abnormal situation has occurred.

(4) Self-contained vibration function

The pet GPS tracker can also customize the vibration function according to the customer's needs. We know that the pet is very sensitive to vibration. This function can be used to train pets and improve the bad behaviors such as chaos and running.

(5) Intelligent alarm

When an abnormal situation occurs in the device carried by the pet, such as when the device is low-powered or the device is offline, the mobile APP will receive an alarm message to help us keep track of the running status of the device.

They are the basic functions of the pet GPS tracker above. At present, some technical companies can customize more functions based on your needs.

Features of Pet GPS tracker

The main feature of the pet GPS tracker is that it is small. After all,the weight of the device is too large, which will affect the comfort. Other features are generally waterproof and dustproof, and resistant to dirt.

One of the features we need to pay attention to is the standby time. If the standby time is short, it will increase our work.

How to use and install the pet GPS tracker

It is very convenient to install the positioning device for the pet, just by attaching the device to the neck. In addition, the use of the device requires a SIM card, which is mainly used to transmit data and consumes a certain amount of traffic.After inserting the card into our device, we will start on the device. In addition, we need to register the platform account and add the device to our mobile phone, so that we can tracke our pet.

How to choose a good pet GPS tracker?

In fact, this depends on the customer's functional requirements. Each company is good at different points. After all, it involves many high-tech. In general, most of pet GPS trackers that GPS tracking devices manufacture are similar.It is better to choose a GPS tracker manufacturer with after-sales service,technical support and sufficient technical experience.

How much is the pet GPS tracker?

Most of pet GPS tracker's price range is 30-50$, if you want to customize more function,you would pay more.
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